Advice on what to do about ADHD in the workplace.

It is not a bad thing! Actually it could turn out well because, with the right support, ADHD employees can be highly productive and creative workers.

2min 47sec

Managing relationships is often overlooked in favour of focus on Executive Functions when coaching people with ADHD. This can be a mistake.

Relationships can be tricky for people with ADHD and this is particularly so at work where there is scope for misunderstanding and conflict.Awareness of the condition can really help colleagues understanding what is going on and the right support can help those with ADHD navigate organisational pitfalls.

1min 25 sec.

ADHD often only really starts to manifest when someone starts work.

Catherine explains how the transition to work can reveal serious ADHD challenges, once the structure of full time education is gone.

2min 23sec.

There are a surprising number of benefits to ADHD.

Get the most out of your ADHD employees by tapping into the things they do really well.

2min 29sec.

It need not be complicated or expensive to provide reasonable adjustments for those with ADHD.

The key to making a workplace ADHD friendly is communication – ADHD presents very differently from person to person so it is important to find out what they struggle with. It is also vital that managers and colleagues know are aware of the condition and how it affects people.

2min 15sec

The founder of Re-focus shares her personal development that led to a diagnosis of ADHD at 47.

A candid and re-assuring account of how undiagnosed ADHD can affect life choices. Catherine explains how she overcame years of self-doubt to thrive as an ADHD coach.

7min 55sec

Some important advice if you think you might have ADHD.

There is a surprising amount of ADHD around with a lot of undiagnosed cases. If it is not managed it can cause a lot of difficulties at home, at work and socially. In this video John provides some straightforward tips on what to think about and what your options are so meet the challenges of ADHD and make use of the benefits of it.

2min 46sec