The motivation for starting this business came from a sense of failure and underachievement, being let down by an education system that struggled to cope with students with undiagnosed ADHD.

So often, ADHD is overlooked or not recognised, particularly as it was only recognised as a valid condition in the late 1990s, so an extraordinary number of adults remain undiagnosed.

We realised that too many people struggled to achieve in our exam-focused and target-driven educational environment. For them, the neurotypical world is perplexing and confusing. Yet when we looked at available resources, there were none. Medication can help, but it has its limitations. ADHD seemed to follow a medical model – a diagnosis, sometimes medication and then……. nothing. Yet ADHD persists, and the impact on many of our clients can cause lifelong damage.

Let us introduce ourselves

All of our coaches are experienced in supporting individuals with ADHD in their specialist areas and also have personal experience with ADHD, from having ADHD themselves or living with someone who has it. This allows us to look through an ADHD lens.



I have ADHD and love it. Until I was 47 I thought I was stupid. School was a challenge as I seemed incapable of studying in any conventional way and found exams completely overwhelming. Immediately after my final exam I left for England, while my friends went to university and on to professional careers.

For over twenty years, although my life seemed privileged and exciting from the outside, I never found a fulfilling career or personal contentment.

In 2013 my psychologist step-sister, with whom I had recently reconnected, suggested I get tested. It turned out I am not stupid; and have an unusual learning style and ADHD.

It was as if the lights were switched on. It explained everything: my lack of confidence, relationship insecurities, as well as my static and unsatisfactory career.

Since then, every aspect of my life has changed for the better. I trained through the BPS as an ADHD coach and I am wholly committed to helping people of any age find solutions, gain confidence and explore new opportunities.

It’s never too late.

John Harrington



John is a qualified Executive Coach who has many years of experience in a range of different commercial organisations. He was a corporate financier in two significant merchant banks, worked for a major European media company, set up and ran the first national commercial television service in Hungary, and has run his own business for the past ten years. This wealth of corporate experience, combined with his Executive Coaching skills and understanding of ADHD, makes him a sympathetic and effective coach for executives at all levels.



Senior Coach

Prior to becoming an ADHD coach, Carrie worked in international development for The Soho House Group, overseeing the launch of the New York club, amongst others.

After establishing that several family members have ADHD, she decided to retrain and join Re-focus. Her warm, caring and intelligent approach makes her an ideal coach, primarily for clients under 16.

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