Employing people that think differently can give real benefits.


Neurodivergent individuals often approach problems in unusual ways and can come up with highly creative solutions. They are highly likely to find more efficient and effective ways of doing things and challenge existing processes.

Diversity in thinking is a strength in any industry or organisation as it promotes innovation that helps companies be more competitive by outthinking and outperforming others.

However there is still considerable stigma attached to neurodivergence and many companies are reluctant to hire people ‘on the spectrum’ despite the fresh perspectives and new ideas they can bring.  As it is generally not visible, neurodiversity has received much less attention than other more obvious forms of diversity.  As a consequence there is a large untapped pool of talent available to progressive companies who are able to adapt their recruitment processes and support for neurodiversity to incorporate the unique skills of this often overlooked group.      



Image by Jess Bailey




Increase understanding

Educating staff about the benefits and challenges of neurodiversity can lead to greater acceptance and respect for those with cognitive differences.  This means a more harmonious and productive environment and a reduction in the stigma associated with thinking differently.  Through lectures, seminars and courses we can help shed light on what it is like to be neurodivergent, the importance of boundaries and what to expect from colleagues.

Get the best people doing their best work

Traditional recruitment processes often exclude the neurodivergent as they focus on traits they struggle with - such as communication skills, emotional intelligence and sociability - without recognising their potential for creativity, problem solving, loyalty and hard work.  Refocus can help make sure you get the right people for the job and assist in providing a supportive and encouraging working environment.

Help your people thrive

One on one or group coaching can provide specific support to employees to encourage an efficient and productive working environment.  Many well-being and collaboration issues can be resolved before they escalate by sensitive and confidential coaching.