Catherine Hudson is a BPS trained ADHD coach specialising in coaching children, adolescents and adults on how to live productively with ADHD.  Heading up re:focus' coaching division, she works closely with schools, colleges and employers to get the best results for her clients.

Our story

The motivation for starting this business came from a sense of failure and underachievement, being let down by an education system that struggled to cope with students with undiagnosed ADHD.

So often ADHD is overlooked or not recognised, particularly as it was only recognised as a valid condition in the late 1990’s, so an extraordinary number of adults remain undiagnosed. 

We realised that too many people struggled to achieve in our exam-focussed and target driven educational environment. For them, the neuro typical world is perplexing and confusing. Yet when we looked at available resources there were none. Medication can help but it has its limitations. ADHD seemed to follow a medical model – a diagnosis, sometimes medication and then……. nothing. Yet the ADHD persists and the impact on many of our clients can cause lifelong damage.