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Many adults with ADHD have found that the positive aspects of the condition such as creative thinking, an appetite for risk and the ability to react quickly under pressure have helped propel them into responsible, executive jobs.  However the difficulties associated with ADHD such as procrastination, lack of attention to detail and poor time management can make this success stressful, leaving executives feeling overwhelmed, under pressure and disorganised.  Breaking out of these patterns of behaviour can be extremely difficult and they can lead to strained professional and social relationships, tensions at home and poor life balance.

re:focus Executive Coaching can help professionals deal with the challenges ADHD puts in their path so they can be more productive andhave more fulfilling work and social lives.  We do this by helping clients to:

  • Improve planning

  • Develop consistency and reliability

  • Increase their capacity to concentrate 

  • See projects to completion

This usually involves working on improving the following areas:

  • Time management

  • Anxiety

  • Prioritisation 

  • Coping with distractions 

  • Developing focus

  • Avoiding self-sabotage 

ADHD issues have nothing to do with desire, motivation or intelligence but are neurological in nature and they hinder accomplishment and persistence.  As many with ADHD have found, knowing what the matter is does not help get things done.


The re:focus Executive Coaching programme is goal driven and geared towards helping clients to be more effective in their lives by putting practical coping strategies in place, developing tools and skills to manage time and achieve objectives and to take responsibility.


The programme is tailored specifically to the needs of the client and may cover other aspects of the client’s life such as nutrition, fitness, social activity and recreation as well as the physical organisation of their home and office environment.  It is not being told what to do; the coach and the client agree on specific goals and together work on the best way to achieve them.

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John Harrington is a qualified Executive Coach who has many years of experience in a range of different commercial organisations.  He was a corporate financier in two significant merchant banks, worked for a major European media company, set up and ran the first national, commercial television service in Hungary and has run his own business for the past ten years.  This wealth of corporate experience combined with his Executive Coaching skills makes him a sympathetic and effective coach for executives at all levels.

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