re:focus coaching

re:focus coaching supports students using a clear ADHD Coaching framework – devised by an experienced coach and a professional psychologist (guided by the truly amazing, perceptive students we work with).  The aim is to help them understand, manage and channel their ADHD. It is based heavily on a knowledge and understanding of Executive Functions.

It also bans the use of ‘just, could, ought, must and should’.  If our students ‘just could’ they most certainly would. Although they ‘ought’ to be better planned they have no idea how to go about it. They must hand assignments in on time yet have no idea when to start their work, what day of the week it is due or how long it is going to take. Time passes differently for them. The fact that they were able to focus really well on a Tuesday at 11 am does not necessarily mean they will do so again and their current distraction is a choice. It means rather that a special interest topic motivated and excited them for that moment.  


The client works on issues that the ADHD brain finds difficult such as time management and prioritisation, developing focus and coping with distractions and avoiding self sabotage guided by the coach.  We also develop techniques to reduce anxiety and build confidence.

The programme may cover other aspects of the client’s life such as nutrition, fitness, social activity and recreation as well as the physical organisation of their home and school or office environment.  It is not about being told what to do; the coach and the client agree on specific goals and together work on the best way to achieve them.


Carrie Hobbs.  Prior to becoming an ADHD coach, Carrie worked in international development for The Soho House Group, overseeing the launch of the New York club, amongst others.  

After establishing that several members of her family have ADHD, she decided to retrain and join re-focus. Her warm, caring and intelligent approach makes her an ideal coach, primarily for clients under 16.


Fiona Harvey  experienced the benefits of ADHD coaching first hand when her son was diagnosed with ADHD and she enlisted the help of a Refocus coach, Catherine. She was working with a training organisation at the time and decided to retrain as an ADHD coach. She works with children and young adults at school, college and university.

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